Furuta Choco-egg

12 05 2007

Furuta Choco-egg

Ah, Japanese Kinder Eggs. Gotta love these. The point of these is, like the Kinder Egg, not the chocolate itself but the toy inside.

These are much higher quality than Kinder Eggs as well, not the chocolate, but the toys. I had the Honda car collection, which is fantastic compared to the crappy animals that Kinder Eggs give you. It had all the parts as well, a windshield to click in, the underside of the car, the little wheels and everything.

This is really good, these are proper collectables as opposed to Kinder Eggs’ nonsense. the chocolate is poor, worse than the Kinder Eggs, but who cares when the toys inside are this good? I’m really pleased I managed to end up with this because it’s a great little thing and is now taking pride of place on my shelf.