Wrigley’s Strawberry-Watermelon Hubba Bubba Max

31 05 2007

Wrigley's Strawberry-Watermelon Hubba Bubba Max

Well, it seems we have Hubba Bubba Max here in the UK as well. Not that that’s a good thing, because one of them is Watermelon flavour! Ugh, I don’t know any kids that like watermelon, or get exicted about it, so why is this a bubble gum flavour?

Oh well, let’s get this out of the way. The pack is green and red to signify the fruits, and we’re back to the big slabs of gum that I’ve been happy to avoid over the past few days. And it stinks of watermelon as well, it’s a dark green colour on the outside, with red on the inside, it’s got a disgusting looking shine on it as well, ugh…

And the watermelon, oh it’s not good. Where’s the strawberry? Is that it…? No, more watermelon…oh, a bit of strawberry! No wait, more watermelon again. Good job Wrigley’s, the fact that there’s a tiny bit of strawberry covered gum covered by all that watermelon flavour means the strawberry can’t get through at all, and because watermelon is such a strong flavour, then that doesn’t help.

So basically, watermelon sucks, just like this gum.


Wrigley’s Atomic Apple Hubba Bubba

30 05 2007

Wrigley's Atomic Apple Hubba Bubba

Ah, now this takes me back. I’m sure this is the flavour I used to buy as a kid, I’m sure they did a cherry flavour as well that I bought, but I could very well be wrong.

Now I’m probably biased with my opinion here, but I do think that this is the best of a bad bunch. It’s still so artificial, but it’s a more pleasant artificial taste here than with the strawberries.

It’s probably just nostalgia clouding my judgement, but I kinda like this flavour and I liked blowing big green bubbles with it. Most people won’t though…

Wrigley’s Seriously Strawberry Hubba Bubba

29 05 2007

Wrigley's Seriously Strawberry Hubba Bubba

I’m starting to get sick of Hubba Bubba, reeeeal sick of it. It’s all so artificial and I miss my minty fresh breath. Girls are ignoring me because I have a big chunk of brown gum in my mouth, stinking of artificial cola, chewing away at it like a slack jawed yokal.

I prefer the UK versions simply because they’re smaller, but the taste is still bad, and ‘Seriously Strawberry’ isn’t any better.

This tastes like no strawberry I’ve ever had, I seriously cannot taste the strawberry in this at all, the sugar I can, and some sort of artificial fruit, but no strawberry. No sirree, boy am I glad I’ve only got 3 more flavours left.

Wrigley’s Cool Cola Hubba Bubba

28 05 2007

Cool Cola Hubba Bubba

It’s just my luck that the day after reviewing awful cola flavoured gum from one country, I get to review cola flavoured gum made by the same company only in another country. There’s no vanilla this time, and our packs are only half the depth of Australia’s and America’s, but that doesn’t make me any more enthusiastic about these.

My suspicions were confirmed when I opened one of the individual packs to see a piece of gum, with once again the crumbly texture on two sides. Why have Wrigley done this? It just doesn’t look good at all.

The gum is hard at the start, but because there’s less of it it gets soft quicker and is easier to chew. The taste isn’t much better than Australia’s, but it is better. Still very artificial, and it’s cola, not coke, and if you’ve experienced both you’ll know there’s a huge difference. Cola just doesn’t taste nice.

Wrigley’s Vanilla Cola Hubba Bubba

27 05 2007

Wrigley's Vanilla Cola Hubba Bubba

I almost cried when I saw this flavour, it reminded me of the Vanilla flavoured Coca Cola of ye old times. Actually I’m lying, I didn’t cry because I never liked that stuff, I just pretend to like it because everyone else says that they liked it, maybe they’re all lying too, maybe that’s why it was discontinued. Did you ever think about that?

Now if I thought the Grape-Berry blocks looked disgusting, then these are…well, super disgusting I guess. It’s hard to describe just how awful these blocks look. The block is rock hard, and two of the sides have an almost crumbly texture to them that just doesn’t look good, as if it’s supposed to be fizzy or something, instead it just makes it look old and dirty.

That’s how it tastes too, much less soft than the Grape-Berry flavour yesterday, it took some real mouth action to chew through this, and it wasn’t worth the effort at all. Far too much artificial cola, not enough artificial vanilla. Not a good flavour at all.

P.S. I know that Vanilla Coke has recently been reintroduced in USA again, so I don’t need smartass comments on that. 😀

Wrigley’s Grape-Berry Hubba Bubba Max

26 05 2007

Grape-Berry Hubba Bubba

I don’t really like bubble gum that much. I guess it’s just one of those things you grow out of once you reach your teens, but buying bubble gum at my age just doesn’t seem like the right thing to do, instead I must buy my adult chewing gum, professional and minty fresh. But for today I’m a kid, and kids eat grapes and berries, don’t they?

That’s what Wrigley’s have gone for here, and it sounds decent enough. Each piece of gum is huge though, it’s probably because I haven’t had bubble gum in 5 or 6 years, and I’m more used to chewing gum pellets, but these are big ol’ blocks of gum, and I don’t really want to eat them, especially when I unwrap the pack and see the square of gum there.

It doesn’t look good, it says on the front of the pack that they are artificially flavoured, and that’s how it smells, as well as being disgustingly factory pressed. The block is purple on the outside and red on the inside, no doubt berries inside grape, which is something I haven’t tried before with real fruit.

Surprisingly enough though, these taste pretty good. Artificially flavoured indeed, but they’re nice. The berries and grapes have been mixed well, the only problem is that the gum is too big. I have a manly, adult-sized mouth and I have problems trying to chew this, so I can’t imagine the problems a younger child would have with this. Still, not nearly as bad as I expected it to be.

Ferrero IceGloo Cool Acerola (Cherry) Tic Tacs

25 05 2007

IceGloo Cool Acerola (Cherry) Tic Tacs

From Germany hails this igloo shaped container of Acerola Cherry flavoured Tic Tacs. These contain no sugar, and are enriched with Vitamin C and Xylitol.

These little things come in an igloo shaped container, and have a picture of an igloo on the front as well, this is because these are meant to leave a cool taste in your mouth as well as giving fresh breath. They do look nice from the outside, the box is red coloured making the tic tacs look red, though in actuality they’re white.

They’re a little bigger than ordinary tic tacs as well, though they’re flatter, and you get around 30 in the container. The problem lies with the cherry taste.

Now granted I’m not too knowledgeable with different types of cherries, but as far as I’m concerned these are peach flavoured. I’ve eaten cherries and peaches in my time, and cherry and peach flavoured sweets, and this is definitely peach. It’s not a problem per se, because it’s a nice flavour, but I’m not sure how they came up with cherry for this.

Still, it’s not bad. Tic Tacs are fairly unremarkable anyway, but these freshened my breath and I smelled like delicious peaches, so that was good. The box is nice as well, so overall I’m fairly pleased with these.