Nestlé Peppermint Aero Bubbles

13 03 2007

Aero Bubbles

After yesterday’s review of the Orange Delight Aero, I was so euphoric that I decided I’d buy all the Aero products that were available to me and review them all over the coming week. My choice for today are the Aero Bubbles, Peppermint flavour. These are lower in calories than the normal Aero bar, which I was went for them first, after my rather large caloric intake yesterday.

Aero Bubbles were launced in 2005 by Nestle, and as far as I know have been the only major variant to the Aero brand, except for the Aero Truffle which I have read about, but not actually seen anywhere. This is a shame because the Aero chocolate really is very good, the bubbly chocolate allows it to be lower in fat which I’m sure makes it a popular choice in today’s fat conscious world. I’d really like to see more Aero flavours or variants, I can only hope that they bring in some more exotic flavours for me to try.

Back to the Peppermint Bubbles though, in line with Nestle’s new brand image, they have stated on the front of the pack how many calories is in said pack. In this, there are 193 calories. This is pretty excellent, most chocolates range between 200-300 calories, with a few on either side. And considering that the pack felt full of the small bubbles, I was surprised. This meant that whilst not being nutritionally filling (going by the 2500 calories a day recommended diet), the fact that the pack is so full means you may become full from the literal chocolate, much like filling up on salad or green vegetables.

I popped a ball in my mouth (ho-ho!), and wow! These again were excellent. The boys down at Nestle have done me proud again, they do their Peppermint superbly. It’s Peppermint flavour, but without any of the heat that Peppermint would normally bring. It’s smooth and mixes with the chocolate very well. These are very more-ish, but as mentioned, at only 193 calories I really don’t see a problem with that.

I in fact have done some Google and eBay searching, and after a bit of time I decided to import some Aero variants from Japan (J-List), I have a Banana flavour coming that will be with me in a couple of weeks, and I’m wondering whether I should import the Melon flavour. I don’t really like Melon very much, but it is Aero. So I’m sure they’d still make it nice. Maybe if I got some comments it’d help. I see my Blog hits going up, but I don’t see any comments! Talk to me people!

And yes, I recommend these, Aero is becoming a popular brand for me, KitKats, Bountys and Kinder Buenos used to be my favourites, but these fellas are creeping up there.




2 responses

3 05 2007

could u tell me the carbohydrate content in these little balls?

25 05 2007

I certainly can! Sorry it’s taken me SO LONG to reply to this, I couldn’t find the small packs anywhere, and found no info on the internet, and didn’t really want to buy a big pack.

Finally did buy the pack though, and here’s the nutritional info:

Note, this is per 100g, because I’ve forgotten how big this bag was!

527 calories, 5.4g of Protein, 59.2g Carbs (58.7g of which sugars) and 29.8g of Fat (19g of which saturates).

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