Cadbury Cherry Ripe Chocettes

15 05 2007

Cadbury Cherry Ripe Chocettes

“Now with even more cherries”! Bite sized pieces of ripe juicy cherries and coconut in ‘Old Gold’ rich dark chocolate. This sounds promising, at last I may find myself reviewing a chocolate bar I genuinely like, as it feels like it’s been awhile since I have.

This comes from Australia, which so far hasn’t impressed me with its vast amounts of chocolate. Cherry chocolate is a rare thing, and with delicious coconut, I’m really looking forward to this.

The pack is of course red, with lots of little chocettes on the front, the pack is only half full which annoys me a little. But I’ll ignore that. And why am I ignoring it? Because the chocolate is good, that’s why.

Yes, I’m willing to overlook the half full bag because I actually like these, they’re a little strange in their texture, with the chewy coconut, and the cherry taste, but they go together very well. And with the dark chocolate aftertaste, I’m really impressed with these.

You don’t get many for what you pay for, or at least for what I paid for, as the pack is only 35g which is quite small, and they’re very more-ish. What I will say though is that it’s refreshing to not see Sugar at the top of an ingredients list, instead it’s down below the chocolate and coconut. These are really good, easily the best thing I’ve tasted from Australia so far.




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16 05 2007

Leave the chocettes alone and get the bars instead. Pretty much the right size though I do know people who like the king sized ones.

16 05 2007

I didn’t even know they did a bar. How is it made? Just a big bar with a layer of coconut and cherries thrown in?

17 05 2007

It is kinda like a Bounty in structure. Medium thick layer of the cherry cocnut filling with a nice coating of the chocolate.

17 05 2007

Ah, I see. That sounds pretty good. Well if I ever see it I’ll give it a go because I was very impressed with these.

23 05 2007

i desperately need a recipe for cherry ripe slice!! i was told that it was like mars bar slice in structure just cherry ripes instead. so i have stocked up with cherry ripe bars. im hoping to find one with a layer of biscuit (similar to a cheesecake base), then a layer of the chery ripes and then a topping layer of chocolate… apparently thi is how it is wanted. im just needing the measurements!!

29 08 2010
Kaytea Cuppa

A recipe for cherry ripe slice can be found here.

I have made it an enjoyed it. Note that copha is coconut oil which is solid at room temp. Also cookie crumbs are listed as biscuit crumbs

13 08 2008
John Ioccheli

Is it possible to purchase Cherry Ripe chocolate bars in Canada?

22 06 2011

Cherry Ripe in it’s original form is only available in Australia. The original makers were MacRobertson Chocolates located in Fitzroy, Melbourne which were bought out by Cadburys during the 80s. Cherry Ripe is much loved & uniquely Australian as are Tim Tams (try these beauties)!!

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