Nestlé After Eight

13 07 2007

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I was originally intending to review the Hershey’s ‘Take 5’ today, but my digital camera ran out of battery just as I was about to take a picture of the bar! Absolutely terrible luck, and as I still haven’t found the charger for it, I had to put up an old review, so here we have Nestlé’s After Eight thin milk chocolate mints. These at least used to be marketed as a sort of upmarket chocolate, they were supposed to be a little bit posh, but I don’t think they’re really seen like that anymore, especially as I never see them advertised anymore at all.

I’m not sure how many varieties and styles of boxes they do, but I have here the 300g box, which has around 35 After Eight mints in it. Each square chocolate mint is about 1.5cm in length each side, and is wafer thin. It’s basically a spearmint fondant creme, covered in a thin layer of milk chocolate.

I’ve gotta say I do quite like these. It’s good to just pop one in after a meal to freshen up. I don’t think you could really eat these en masse, I haven’t tried it and I think it’d probably make me a little sick to do so. I guess when these first came out they were marketed as a posh, after dinner chocolate, but in these modern days we’re a little more enlightened, and our palettes have changed. So while these are still around, I don’t think they sell as well as they used to, and people don’t think they’re particularly posh either.

After Eight mints have recently become very popular in Japan though, with a lot of new flavours coming out there. They’re a little expensive so I doubt I’ll bother importing any, but we’ll have to wait and see. Each mint has 36 calories, 0.2g of Protein, 6.3g of Carbohydrates (5.3g of which sugars) and 1.1g of Fat (0.6g of which saturates).

One of the adverts from the 1980s can be seen below.


Hershey’s Zero Bar

12 07 2007

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At the semi-request of the young lady who sent me the box that this was a part of, I decided to review the Zero bar, also because it was the only one there I had actually had before.

I remember being extremely fond of this before, and looking at the tagline I could imagine myself enjoying it again – ‘CARAMEL, PEANUT and ALMOND Nougat covered with WHITE FUDGE’, and yes those words I put in capital letters are in capital letters on the pack.

The wrapper is an odd grey colour, which is something I don’t think I’ve ever seen in a chocolate bar, and to be honest I think it looks pretty cool, at least as cool as a wrapper can be.

The bar itself is white on the outside, and on the inside is exactly as described – the soft nougat takes up the majority of the bar’s innards, with relatively large pieces of peanut in there as well as the extremely sticky caramel on top of it.

And it still tastes so good, every flavour in the bar comes through excellently. The white fudge is mild and cracks nicely when bitten into. The nougat is soft with the almonds being surprisingly strong, and the caramel and peanuts add their own texture to the bar, with less taste there.

The bar has 240 calories (80 from fat), 3g Protein, 36g Carbohydrates (30g of which sugars) and 9g Fat (6g of which saturates). I recommend this bar if you like nutty chocolate bars but are bored of hazelnuts and peanuts, as the main flavour here is that of the almonds.

P.S. You may note a serious increase in quality from these pictures. That’s because I’m using my mother’s digital camera, so enjoy the increase in quality of the chocolate, and decrease in quality of my face! 😦

A box of chocolate from a good friend!

12 07 2007

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Just a short post here. Wanted to thank Sera from CandyAddict who sent me this box full of some of her favourite American chocolate. I’ll also be sending her one once I get myself sorted, it’s only fair! Basically I just wanted to post some photos of what she sent so you readers have an idea of what will be upcoming, you can request a review of any of these if you want. Also if any of you were planning on sending me things (nudge nudge) then this is a prime example of an excellently packed box. It got to me in just a few days, and was in a nice little box, with the chocolates in a genuine American carrier bag. Wonderful!

So thank you very much Sera. Your chocolate has gone to a loving home!

Cadbury Heavenly Praline Dairy Milk Melts

11 07 2007

Dairy Milk Melts

The last in the Dairy Milk Melts series. This particular edition is milk chocolate, with a milk chocolate truffle that also contains small caramelised hazelnut pieces in there as well.

It’s hardly a surprise that this particular edition came out. Hazelnut-chocolate hybrids are very popular here in England and in Europe as a whole, and Cadbury are playing to their strengths, considering that they already have a hazelnut Dairy Milk bar on the market.

These are pretty good, quite similar in taste to the ordinary milk chocolate ones I had yesterday, just with little nuts in these, for a nice added flavour. I don’t think I’d buy these again because there are nicer hazelnut chocolates on the market (Kinder Buenos) that are cheaper as well, but it’s nice enough I guess.

Strangely enough these have 5 less calories per bar than the other two varieties, so instead of 75 calories per bar (8 bars per box, remember), these have 70, which is pretty awesome.

Cadbury Velvety Milk Dairy Milk Melts

10 07 2007

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I’ve previously reviewed the Dark Chocolate variety of the Dairy Milk Melts, so won’t go into great detail here about box design or whatever.

Basically, the box is the same, except this time it’s all about Milk Chocolate, rather than Dark Chocolate. The Dark Chocolate variety was Milk Chocolate with a Dark Chocolate Truffle, this is Milk Chocolate with a Milk Chocolate truffle. Did I use the word ‘chocolate’ enough there?

These are similar to the Lindt truffles in this aspect, though they’re not quite as good as they are. The truffle centre is very nice, quite velvety as they describe it, but it’s not too dissimilar in taste to the milk chocolate that coats it. And the chocolate isn’t much better than ordinary Dairy Milk chocolate, so while it’s nice, it’s not as great as it could be.

In terms of nutrional information, this is the same as the previous Dairy Milk Melt variety.

Chocolate News – Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses to be released in time for Christmas

10 07 2007

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Mars will be releasing a new product in time for Christmas. What we have here are Mistletoe Kisses that will be part of the Galaxy range, which is Mars’ semi-upmarket chocolate line. There are three of the pieces you can see above in each pack, and will retail at a rather cheeky 55p per pack. Supposedly supplies will be available from August, and there’ll be an ad campaign in November. So look out for these, both in the shops and on here!

For more (well, just rewritten really) information, click here.

Niederegger Marzipan

9 07 2007

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“Established in 1806 in Germany, Niedregger is regarded as producing the finest quality marzipan around. This premium position is due to the fact Niederegger use only select almonds from the Mediterranean and in much larger quantities. Niederegger marzipan is classed as 100% marzipan and contains much less sugar in comparison to other marzipan makers – just 35% in fact. According to the law, a mixture of marzipan paste, already containing 35% sugar, can be mixed with as much as 50% sugar to be classed as Marzipan. A huge difference, and very noticeable in the resulting taste.”

Well, a bit of a mouthful there. This a Marzipan selection box. There are 8 mini loaves here, 2 of each flavour. The 4 flavours are Pistachio, Orange, Pineapple and Espresso. They’re covered in dark chocolate, and it’s of course the thick marzipan in the middle that is flavoured.

Not only is it flavoured, it’s also coloured to match the colour of the wrapping, which is a nice little touch. Still, we care about the taste don’t we? So let’s get on with it!

Pistachio – Takes a little moment for the pistachio flavour to get through. It combats with the dark chocolate in my opinion, rather than mixing with it. It sounds strange but they seem like two seperate flavours here, as opposed to one fused flavour. Still, very rich and nutty, a very good, strong flavour here.

Orange – The orange flavour comes through right away here. It mixes well with both the marzipan flavour and the dark chocolate. Each is able to come through at different points. A really excellent flavour here.

Pineapple – Tamer than the previous two flavours. This one struggles a little to overcome the marzipan and the chocolate, and at times it’s hard to make out the pineapple at all. It’s good when you can, but it’s not bold enough.

Espresso – If the pineapple was underdone, then this was most definitely overdone. A very strong coffee flavour here, strangely it does blend well with the marzipan, but it’s an odd flavour and I’ll be honest and say I didn’t like it much. I can imagine a lot of people would though.

So there we have it. A good selection here, all of them were strong flavours, most of them tasted good, but some were better than others. If you can get these for a decent price and are of course a marzipan fan, then check these out. They make a good sharing box.